I'm back lol

2012-02-12 00:24:56 by WinglessStudios

But really only for the new layout, it's BEAST!

SO before I leave follow me on SoundCloud and on Youtube!
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New album, Sand's Lament

2011-09-27 18:18:27 by WinglessStudios

like I said

Been doing alot of "Arjen Lucassen" studying
Ive been dissecting his projects such as
Ayreon - 7 Albums
Ambeon - 1 Album
Guilt Machine - 1 Album
Star One - 2 Albums
Stream Of Passion - 2 Albums

so soon ill be back on track with the Metal Opera

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /389880
the 39th track of our metal opera Perfect Timeline
In this song the Continuous MorningStar is looking into the vast ocean of time so that he can start searching for the doorway to the small moment in time that he began to seek revenge and change it so that he can right his massive wrong.

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2010-11-29 22:24:37 by WinglessStudios

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2010-11-27 18:23:01 by WinglessStudios

The Talking Talk Show's Newgrounds page
The Talking Talk Show is actualy basicaly bloopers and commetnary from the three composers of Vampiric Hauteur, Tre' Estefano (me), Gavin Scribner, Leon Nguyen. But check the crap out its pretty funny :)